Monday, 28 December 2015

100th Day of School Activities

With a 100th day of school around the corner, we often see younger students celebrate the day.  I have always tried creative ways to celebrate the hundredth day of school with students in grades 3 and up.  I often start the day with fun math stations. Here are three free activities to try:

 The pack is made up of the following activities:

1) Target Number:

1.   The target number is 100.
2.   Player #1 draws two cards from the pile.  Player #1 will generate a two-digit number as close as possible to the 100.  The cards may be arranged in a different order from the way they were chosen.  For example, if a player chooses 3 and 9, then the number 93 instead of 39 can be generated.
3.   Player # 2 draws two cards from the pile.  Player # 2 will generate a two-digit number as close as possible to the target number.  The player who generates a number closest to the target number wins that round.

2)  Creating hidden messages in a 100's chart:

Students will have an opportunity to find and create hidden messages using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division strategies.       

3)  Finding ways to make 100:

The number 100 is chosen.  Students can create a variety of equations to reach 100 as their answer.  This is a great opener for a classroom warm-up.

To continue the fun 100th day activities, students who enjoy writing can participate in roll a story activities:  

Students will enjoy writing about 100th day with these fun printable 100th day writing pages for both emergent and established writers.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

New Year's Writing Freebie

It's that time of year for celebrating new beginnings.  As you wind down from holiday feasts, think about a fun way to greet your students back to school in 2016.  This writing freebie is a sure hit.  Students will write about their goals and then use a hockey stick template for publishing.

This template is included in the free package.

Here's a great way to publish these.  Use hockey net or string to create a backdrop for your display.

Find this fun freebie by clicking on the cover below:

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Seasonal Stories - Books Your Students Will Love

Hi everyone,

I'm so pleased to be taking part in this blog hop hosted by Brandi from Focused on Fifth.  Today I'm participating in Day Number 10 of her blog hop.  The focus is on books your students will love:

Two of my favourite books are Moostletoe and Santa's Pants are Falling Down.  They are both hilariously funny and do offer a springboard for great writing activities.

This verse story, told in a singsong rhythm, stars a moose who is determined that his family`s Christmas will be     "perfectly perfect. " Moose" shopped till he dropped. Check," and " baked tons of tins of cookies. Check," --but in his busy life he completely forgets to buy a Christmas tree. After a fruitless search in the snow on Christmas Eve, he finally has to do the right thing: stand in a corner and become the tree himself. A great rhyming story.

This book is a sure hit with students who love creating piggy back songs.  Often students will spend hours upon hours creating some fun songs.  We often showcase these on the last day before holidays and have a singing cafe.  All fun poems and silly songs can be turned into a class book.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Math Tip Monday - Keeping Math Meaningful

A December classroom can be a very hectic place.  Keep Math meaningful during the month of December with some of these fun activities:

1) Turn gingerbread house making into a math adventure.  Students have to "buy" their ingredients based on prices and a spending allowance set by the teacher.  For example, for grade 3, I often state that a gingerbread house making expense could be $10.00  From that, ingredients are determined to have a cost.  Jelly beans could be a penny each, graham crackers could be worth 25 cents and so on.  Students have to determine how many things they can buy for $10.00 (using play money of course).  Once ingredients are purchased, the gingerbread making construction begins.
2) Play some fun math games.  Here's one of my favourites:

Students generate odd or even sums and then race to the gingerbread house.

3) Finally, have fun with some Christmas Medleys.  Imagine rewriting the 12 Days of Christmas using a mathematical theme.  The possibilities are endless.  

Thanks to Theresa's Teaching Tidbits and K's Classroom Kreations for hosting this Math Tip Monday! 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Products to Get you Through the Month

Hi everyone,

I'm so pleased to be taking part in this blog hop hosted by Brandi from Focused on Fifth.  Today I'm participating in Day Number 6 of her blog hop.  The focus is on products to get you through the month. 

I absolutely love adding a few math games and activities to any season.  

Two of my favourite activities from this are a gingerbread making money activity and a hidden mystery picture based on decimals.

Two fun word activities involve silly sentences for fluent readers and Christmas Idioms.  These two activities are always a hit and keep students engaged in some higher order thinking:


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Holiday Writing Ideas

Hi everyone,

I'm so pleased to be taking part in this blog hop hosted by Brandi from Focused on Fifth.  Today I'm participating in Day Number 4 of her blog hop.  The focus is on writing holiday ideas.  

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, there are often days that involve concerts, fundraisers, buddy days, rehearsals and making gingerbread houses, just to name a few.  I've created this fun writing "bingo" for Christmas template to fill those few minute gaps between events.  Just click on the link below and grap this forever freebie:

Here are some more writing goodies to choose from.  Your students will never say "I have nothing to write about again!"  They can be purchased together or separately.

Happy Writing!

To continue with the blog hop, please click on the link below: